Thank you for your interest in our program serving OB/GYN practices in New Jersey.

PreventionPays offers physicians a safe, caring way to support New Jersey's mothers, newborns, and families by making PPD screening faster, easier and more effective in a compact, wireless tool for today's world.

Although our full web site is still under development, we wanted to make some helpful information available now to anyone interested in this ground-breaking program. The following PDFs can be downloaded and viewed at your convenience. Simply click on the link to download and view the PDF. Afterwards, please contact us for more information, or to discuss options for your office.

Postpartum Depression Screening In New Jersey

PreventionPays Newsletter

"The system has worked beautifully. We have been
ableto provide appropriate education and where necessary mental health
referrals for our patients in need. We were not screening before, and
had no way ofidentifying these women. It has been a great help."

- Dr. Michael Straker
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