Welcome to PreventionPays™

The PreventionPays™ system delivers reliable health education and assessments to patients in waiting rooms. Preliminary data from early pilot programs demonstrates that patients find the system very easy to use, and prefer computer-assisted screening. Providers report saving time, and eliminating errors common in paper screening methods; they also report improved services with patients.

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Put PreventionPays™ to Work for You

If you have an idea of how PreventionPays™ can benefit your practice or organization, you are encouraged to submit requests for new development. The PreventionPays™ team will build new health screens provided they fit within the specifications of the system. Initial programs will be designed in English and Spanish. Requests for additional languages are developed for a small fee. The primary goal is the make this system the most robust and effective prevention tool in the nation. Development of new assessments is our highest priority and will be an ongoing task among the PreventionPays™ team and its network of subscribers.


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